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AWOL's Final Fantasy XII Game Review

Rated: 8

Here, the overall gameplay is reviewed.

This is where XII shines. It has the innovative system which combines real-time and the ATB together; call the ADB (Active Dimension Battle) It fully utilizes the character's mobility and allows maximum effectiveness like real-time combat.

The unique Gambits system allows players to customize their character's battle style to their liking, which saves alot of time for players from choosing commands; a great boon for those who are too lazy to manually control the character commands themselves.... okay, I admit it, it is a necessary evil.

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AWOL's Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Game Review

Rated: 7

Now for the gameplay review. I have seen may other reviews, giving a score as low as 1 for the plain reason that the controls were too complex and that it was nothing compaed to Devil May Cry. The game's all about challenge, fer pity's sake! Don't go around showing off a high score for completing a hundred rounds of tic-tac-toe! If people can clear the game smoothly without complaints, there is no more excuse. All that I'm saying is, yes, I agree that the controls to DOC is novel and harder than your average game, but as players, we must be able to adapt to the game; experiecned companies like SE don't make games which torment even pro-players, that is for certain.

As far as humour goes, fans of Yuffie will be glad that she still makes her funky appearences.

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